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Sunday, April 5

Hayden Harnett Sample Sale Loot

Let's just say that it was amazing...

Hayden Harnett Sonia Jacket, Zelda boots in eucalyptus. only pair at the ss.

Ibiza tote in Violet, only one at the ss

owl coin purse.

mushroom charm on my RM bbw mam

Sonia jacket and cute black chain purse for a night on the town

Sonia jacket is so amazing, it even has hidden pockets!

I *love* the Dekker jacket, it fits me perfectly

Dekker jacket


Rascal wanted to get in a shot. Wearing the Madeleine boots in brandy

Madeleine boots in brandy. Also purchased a pair in black! (please excuse the tags on the bottom)

Madeleine boots.

Amazingly enough, I purchased $3000 worth of items for $400:)