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Tuesday, January 20

Inauguration Day *Should* be a Holiday

So I went to work in a delightfully excited mood today. Practically having dreams of sugar plum faeries as a result of the impending inauguration of our 44th President, our FIRST minority president, Mr. Barack Obama. There have been so many times when I've felt that America has let its people down. Allowing racially incited acts of cruelty to go on, even in the 21st century. The baggage that is still here today as a result of deplorable actions that were abolished 150 years ago. But I continued to believe in my country because I have seen how people have risen and succeeded despite the numerous challenges that they have faced. Ordinary people. Champions that I see and talk to on a regular basis. But to know that an ordinary person like these amazing people that I've known and met for years has the opportunity to do amazing things like running the leading country of the free world... it makes me burst with passion and pride that I have the privilege of being an American citizen. We have entered a new era, and I sincerely cannot wait to see what it brings:)