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Sunday, June 22

An Open Massage A Day...

So on Saturday, my chiropractor had a Customers Appreciation Day. The concept sounded so cute when it was described to me earlier in the week. Breakfast and free massage by a massage therapist! I told them to sign me up and expressed my excitement for it all.

Saturday morning comes. As usual, I'm running late and decide on my outfit in two minutes. Jeans and a cute pink Anthropologie shirt. The shirt is really sweet and delicate, and also has flowy straps that can easily fall. Cute outfit, just not for what was occurring today, as I realized too late. Decided to drive over to the office as opposed to walking and ran up the stairs to go to my appointment. And what I see clearly disappoints me. The massage chair is set up in the WAITING AREA, so basically anyone that walks in can see what's going on. Granted, there is no clothes shedding going on, but it's still somewhat of an awkward situation for my Puritan self.

My chiro and the massage therapist were running late, so I had to wait 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes, I pondered informing the receptionist that there would be no need for me to receive the massage. I had already realized that my outfit was not conducive to the massage and that I just wouldn't feel comfortable. But I was sucked into it when the massage therapist called me. And what ensued were some of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing 15 minutes of my young life.

First of all, I have never received a massage from a man. I've always had female massage therapists. So this made it uncomfortable in general. Well, I also despite rough massages. And that's what this was. Rough arm shakes and rough kneading resulting in the straps of my shirt falling down and therefore putting me in quite an indecent situation. And moms with their children were walking in! I half expected that I would get up from table and be shirtless, entire bra exposed for everyone to see.

I definitely walked away more stressed than what I was before I sat in the chair.