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Tuesday, March 17

my little munchkin

I took the little one to daycare and the overnight stay at Petsmart yesterday. I missed him so much, we're inseparable. It was nice to see him this morning and see if he enjoyed his time away.

Sunday, March 15

NYC Recessionista's Quick Tips to Surviving the Times

As the months have gone on and with no end to the economic situation, I have become a full-blown Recessionista. What is a Recessionista, you ask? A Recessionista is a social phenomenon. Recessionistas stretch the value of their depreciated dollar to its furthest extent. We are the fashionistas that used to shop to our hearts' content at the major fashion houses, but now decide to choose select designer pieces to compliment our overpacked wardrobes. Here are a few tips that I've picked up over the past few months as a Recessionista:

1. The less that you spend on frivolous items, the more you can spend time with friends.
I used to go shopping 20000 times every single month, exhausting my spending budget with countless designer items (particularly bags and shoes). I've now realized that for every item that I don't purchase, I can afford to have at least one good New York night on the town:) As a Recessionista, we can't have it all and we have to make choices about what's more important. Think about it: would you like to have the newest Christian Louboutin shoes, or would you like to go to a concert and a fancy dinner with friends? Make your choice!

2. If you do decide to spend, spend your cash wisely.
Before I purchase anything new, I ask myself if I *really* need the item. I *really* needed both the cream and charcoal James Perse Open Drape cardigans, so I got them. I also *really* needed another pair of skinny jeans, so I got them too. Focus on classic essential pieces that will never go out of style or look extremely flattering on you.

3. Don't be afraid of a SALE!
If you thought I was discount crazy before the recession, you should see me now! Nordstrom Rack, Saks fire sale, sample sales, you name it. I'm there. At the Sunner sample sale, I found a $30 silk dress (see below), $30 plaid pocket shirt, and a $30 warm wool jacket (also featured below) that all would have retailed for at least $700. And I paid $90. Yes. Deals are out there, you just have to dig a bit. Don't be afraid to check out the clearance sections of TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Century 21. It's what the cool kids are doing nowadays;)

4. Don't get take out excessively.
Did you know that before the recession, I used to get $30 takeout just about every night? Seriously, no joke. Do you know how much I was spending every month?!?!? I've wisened up and I go to the grocery store to buy food! I'm domestic now;) It takes a little more time and effort, but you can take the money that you've saved to the bank!

5. Search for airfare right now, cause it's cheap.
Just because the economy has taken a nosedive doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice life's simple pleasures. Yes, YOU deserve an annual vacation. The best part about this is that airfare is extremely inexpensive these days:) I bought a ticket to Barcelona for $240. Compared to my $750 ticket to Rome last year, I'd say that I'm practically going for pennies!

6. Last tip: Enjoy life's simple pleasures.
As a result of being positively influenced by my good friends Karen and Dee , I've gone back to one of my favorite hobbies, photography! We actually went to a cute restaurant in the LES called Supper for brunch today. There were also some lovely pictures taken by Dee, which are posted below!

Sunday, March 1

Re-Cap of the Last Week Or So:)

I've had quite a busy few weeks. But unlike my usual routine, there was much fun to be had after hours! Thursday night, J and I were invited to a little fashion show at the Museum of Sex. With white wine and blueberry drinks in our hands, we toured the ever so delightful museum, and I even managed to emerge with a goody bag of sweet but useless trinkets.

Friday night was extremely fun:) E and I met up for the first time in what seemed like ages. Off we went to Bendel's for Rebecca Minkoff's showcase of her new spring collection. Some pictures of these new spring bags for your viewing pleasure:

Saturday was also an exciting day! I went to the American Museum of Natural History to celebrate Harlem and Black History Month. My co-workers, E and I went to Food for Life Supreme, an amazing and health-conscious restaurant in the heart of Harlem for dinner:) The food was absolutely scrumptious! Smothered carrot fries for an appetizer. A salad with homemade dressing. Cajun salmon with mac and cheese and the very best green beans that I had ever tasted. This place will definitely give Sylvia's and Amy Ruth's a run for their money!

Sunday was my favorite night because I had waited all week to go to the Jazmine Sullivan, Musiq Soulchild, and Ne-Yo concert! I was seriously psyched for this concert:) I even had a dream that Ne-Yo dated me for a month. Well, the concert brought out my love for him, because his sexy performance has me completely lovestruck for him now. Ne-Yo is the sweetest and the most romantic guy out there in the music industry. He completely sings from the heart and I love that he produced and wrote every single one of his songs. His performance was absolute perfection. He even had a dancer on the stage with him that just seemed to ooze sexiness. It's re-ignited my desire to take a pole dancing class, LOL. And seeing Mary J Blige in the audience was the icing on the cake.

And then there was the TV show taping on Monday... what a week!