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Sunday, June 29

And I got Amy Wined-Out

Last night was the first time that I really let loose in a while! Kim and I decided to have a night of dancing and debauchery, lol.

So the original plan was to try out the whole nightclub circuit 26th/27th st and 10 Ave. These are the places that are over there:



Pink Elephant


All of these gorgeous venues, and so little time, or so we thought. We got out of the cab at around 11:00 and were greeted with a "closed" sign at Marquee. Of course the club beside Marquee, called Glass, attempted to welcome us with open arms (complimentary too), but we told them that we would be back later. We should've taken them up on the offer.

We walked up to Home. I love this place just because of the drag queen doorman. Someday, I vow to take a picture with him. Well last night, he was in a bitchy mood. Kim and I were first in the line, and two white guys ignored us and walked up to the doorman. Of course, they were denied entrance (guys need to be with girls to get into these nyc haunts). So Kim and I thought that the doorman would talk to us next. But no, he focused on the group of white girls behind us! Kim and I were thinking, OMG, it has to be because we're short and minorities. Everyone else seemed to be tall and white. Anyways, so these girls got in because they were willing to put down a $50 tab. So afterwards, Kim and I waltz up to DQ doorman, and he tells us the same story that we have to do the $50 tab. So that's out.

We walk over to Pink Elephant, and the international folks automatically butt in front of us. I give them a dirty look and say excuse me, and they say that they're sorry and move to the back of the line. Kim and I discuss our invisible status. We get to the front of the line, and they'll only let us in if we do a $300 tab, since we're not on the guestlist.

Onto Mansion. We decided not to wait in line because a doorman let us know that the large room plays techno and house, while the smaller room plays hiphop. Sounded boooring.

We decide that we're just going to cab it over to Babel in Alphabet City. But even the cabs are ignoring us! We finally hail one, and the guy informs us that its his second night on duty.

So we go to our trusty spot, Babel. We go in and it's a bit dead. But it quickly starts to get packed. we order vodka cranberries and mango flavored hookah! After a few rounds, we are so feeling the hookah. I'm getting all lightheaded and giggly, the room is spinning. I'm dancing in my seat and jumping up and dancing while smoking. It's just utterly fun. The DJ played a great mix of reggaeton, middle eastern and hiphop music:) Just what we needed!

So essentially, K and I get somewhat trashed and we have such an amazing time. It's always a lot of fun when we go out. I don't know if it's because we've known each other for so long or if it's because we're such good friends, but I think that we feel completely comfortable with letting loose around each other.It's just pure unadulterated fun!