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Saturday, February 28

Lazy Saturday

James Perse cardigan, Banana Republic top, Joe's Jeans skinny jeans, Car Shoe sparkle ballet flats, and my new Rebecca Minkoff Black Basketweave MAM

I decided to take off from work on Friday to drive home to MD for the weekend. Friday night was so much fun! M, S and I went to the JICC to see Jungle King Leo, possibly one of the *best* anime movies of all time. Disney totally lifted everything from this movie to create Lion King, which is a bit annoying.

We went to Tackle Box in Georgetown for dinner:) It's such an adorable restaurant. I mean, picture this, an authentic looking lobster shack in the middle of our nation's capital? The food was absolutely delicious, with grilled or crispy seafood, a choice of any of their delectable sides and a sauce. I opted for the crispy shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, a corn muffin and strawberry tea. M had the bluefish w/ lemon basil aoli sauce and the sweet potato fries (which were divine!). S had the yummy trout:) We had such a good time catching up!

Today was a bit more low-key. I woke up late and finally ended up running errands and going to Nordstrom Rack. The James Perse white cardi that is featured in the pics above was purchased there. I tried it on and knew that it would be the perfect staple.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting my grandma! I love listening to her talk about the "olden days" and make amusing comments. I think that seeing her always brings me back to reality. It reminds me that you truly can live a simple life and be extremely happy.That life isn't all about the glitz, glamour and city lights. I welcome these few moments of introspection and reflection in my otherwise busy world.

The evening was spent at Tyson's Corner with M. We tried the new berry chai tea latte at Starbucks, which has such a spicy, fruity flavor. A great alternative to my usual chai latte with a mocha shot. Key stores of the night were Lego, UO, Banana and Bloomies. We actually had so much fun in Bloomies that we got locked in the store, hehe. M's definitely an amazing shopping buddy!