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Tuesday, December 28

A Few of My Favorite Things

Time to do a post on a few of my favorite things at the moment. I'm in Maryland at my parents' house for the holidays, so I only have a few of my favorite things with me. But they must be my very most favorites, since I actually took the time to pack them, hehe.

1. My Raisin Balenciaga City bag with a Rebecca Minkoff Sharktooth Charm

This is my favorite bag that has been lovingly used since September! My friend commented on how she would never have thought that a purple bag could be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe, but that I have been able to incorporate it effortlessly into mine. I used to own 10-20 bags at a time due to The Purse Forum. Late this year though, I decided to clean my closet and keep only the items that I truly love, enjoy and wear. So I'm now down to 4 bags, which is perfect for me. This one is the bag that I use the most. The Sharktooth charm was gifted by Rebecca Minkoff. I rotate the charm between my city and my Balenciaga hobo.

2. YSL Y-Mail keychain

Love love love this cutie! I bought it for $10 at the YSL sample sale, and I think that it retailed for$150! Gotta love living in New York! I think that it's so chic, don't you?

3. Balenciaga Coin Purses in Anthracite and Ruby

The Anthracite coin purse was my very first Balenciaga piece. I think that I bought it 3 years ago? It's aged very well. The Ruby coin purse is a recent addition. It was a sale find on Ebay, quite a steal. 2 of my friends commented on how lusciously soft the Ruby leather is!

4. Space NK Everlasting Lip Care

My friend Lesly and I received makeovers before her bday bash a week or two ago and I stumbled upon this product. It's such a great winter moisturizer for lips, and you can slather it on before applying lip gloss or lipstick. And it stays on for hours. Find it here.

5. Hermes black enamel with gold hardware Clic Clac Bracelet <3

I'm absolutely in love with this bracelet. It arrived last week, and I've worn it nonstop! I've wanted a clic clac for months, but I refused to pay almost $600 for it in the store. So I found a used one on ebay! Be cautious though, since there are a lot of counterfeits out there. But a good trick is to purchase items from Japan, since Japan has such strict laws regarding counterfeiting. When I was there years ago, I was able to purchase several authentic, vintage Louis Vuitton pieces.

That's it for now! I have some new purchases coming in too (from all of those delicious post Christmas sales), so I will do a post once they all arrive!

Outfit of the Day - December 28th

My outfit for today! I recently went to the Son of John sample sale and purchased 7 new tops from them, so I have been practically living in their sequined tees! I also have been obsessed with leggings/jeans with elastic waistbands. For the busy professional, comfort is key. It also helps that not having to button pants up saves a little time, lol.

Sequined Pocket Tee - Son of John
Bracelet - Hermes Clic Clac
Jean leggings - J Crew
Boots - Chloe