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Tuesday, January 20

Inauguration Day *Should* be a Holiday

So I went to work in a delightfully excited mood today. Practically having dreams of sugar plum faeries as a result of the impending inauguration of our 44th President, our FIRST minority president, Mr. Barack Obama. There have been so many times when I've felt that America has let its people down. Allowing racially incited acts of cruelty to go on, even in the 21st century. The baggage that is still here today as a result of deplorable actions that were abolished 150 years ago. But I continued to believe in my country because I have seen how people have risen and succeeded despite the numerous challenges that they have faced. Ordinary people. Champions that I see and talk to on a regular basis. But to know that an ordinary person like these amazing people that I've known and met for years has the opportunity to do amazing things like running the leading country of the free world... it makes me burst with passion and pride that I have the privilege of being an American citizen. We have entered a new era, and I sincerely cannot wait to see what it brings:)

Monday, January 12

Sundays can be fun too:)

I had such an exciting Sunday yesterday, and I just had to share:)

Jamie and I met up at the Waverly restaurant for a delicious brunch. It was the first time in awhile that I'd had french toast with scrambled eggs and cheese. Yum. Darn new years resolutions, keeping me from eating my breakfast faves.

Off we went to see Bride Wars. In the movie theater, I got a bit distracted by a certain mouse, which resulted in the cute pictures that I've added. Jamie said that Desperaux was blushing from my sweet kiss;)Check it out:

Afterwards, we had a quick window shopping trip at Saks. I was hoping to find a new bag before the 80% off sale ended (and also have a relapse), but no such luck. I spoke to all of the salespeople and they told me that they had nothing. Finally, I knew what I had to do. I told Jamie that I had a surefire way to figure out if there were any items left. We walked over to the Chloe section of the store. I see a short Latino man helping a customer. I told him that I was looking for Juan, and he informed me that he was the guy. I told him that a friend worked with him and that I wanted to know if he had any sale purses in the back. He goes to the stockroom. I tell Jamie that this is *exactly* how I imagine a drug deal would go down. Juan emerges from the stockroom with 3 clutches. I'm sad that I did not get my fix, but he lets me know that I can be added to his mailing list so that I'll be informed about new sale arrivals.

Then it was time to catch a train to BK for Kim's housewarming. I was RIDICULOUSLY late, and arrived like 2 hours after the party began. Actually, I even missed her subway stop and had to wait 10 minutes for an R train in the other direction to arrive for to get to the correct destination. But it was worth it. Kim's new apartment is really gorgeous. It's spacious. I love how there's wallpaper and the rooms are painted different colors. And I love the oak panels, etc. It looks so cozy, and I wish that I could get my apartment to that point. The evening was spent drinking red wine (my lips are stained today, still!) and playing Wii and Playstation. OMG, wii olympics is FUN. I kept playing as Princess and came to the conclusion that she looks like a hooker. Trust me, if you played the game, you'd completely agree.

We also played American Idol. It was the first time that Kim and I heard each other sing! It was sooo much fun, and the characters on screen are hilarious. Like, we had a blond girl a baby dreads black girl. And they were doing the funniest dance moves (which I imitated). Hell, at one point when I was singing Michael Jackson's Rock With U, Kim exclaimed, OMG, she dancing just like you! And this was in response to the girl jutting her booty out and dropping it like it's hot, LOL. Way too much fun for a grandma like me on a Sunday night;)

Friday, January 9

Blogging on the train

My iPhone has a great blog writing application, which allows me to write on the go! How exciting!

A friend told me that she was experiencing feelings of restlessness resulting in her wanting to take more classes and fill up her free time. I've been experiencing the same sort of restlessness. For now, I'm going to try to remedy it by keeping busy, but eventually I might need a change of scenery.