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Saturday, May 16

Grey Gardens and All

So as a result of going to my parents house for the weekend, I finally had the opportunity to watch Grey Gardens. I don't know what to think, or how to react at this point. Is it a beautiful story of a dynamic duo's entertaining lives, or is it the story of a woman who felt held back all of her life, only to gain true happiness well past her prime? I'm overwhelmed with emotion over this movie.

How do you know the truth from a lie?

Wednesday, May 13

Celeb Filled Weeks:)

Hi! So the last two weeks have been filled with meetings/introductions to some of my favorite people:)

Two weeks ago, I got to meet Eric Bana, one of the sexiest actors and directors out there. He was promoting his directorial debut that also happened to be shown in the Tribeca Film Festival. Silly girl took the picture when I was mooning over him, oh well.

You've seen all of my pictures from the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale:) Well, my friend Dee took a lovely photo of Rebecca and me! It's always exciting to be able to chat with her at events!And I was so glad to hang out with Dee that night too!!

Last week, I also saw my favorite author, Jen Lancaster, for the 3rd year in a row! She is so amazing. I waited for 2 whole hours to have Pretty in Plaid signed by her. As she was signing a book for the girl in front of me, she exclaimed, "hey, I know you, you're my Georgetown girl!". Ok, so I corrected her, but then she was like, they're DC schools to me, and I definitely understand her. But she so recognized and remembered me and our drinking at Telephone Bar. I love her! She also introduced me to her publicist again! It was so exciting:)

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, May 9

More Of the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!!

So I have religiously gone back to the sale every single day this week. So bad, I know! Yesterday, I went to the sale TWICE. And ran into Rebecca:) I went to the sale today and took a lot of pictures. So here they are!!

Tuesday, May 5

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

The sample sale was better than I ever expected it could possibly be! I achieved my goal of being 1st in line, and met a new friend named Mel during my wait! Here are my highlights from the night:

1. Being 1st in line.
2. Hanging out and talking to Dee and Mel!
3. Almost getting into an altercation because a girl attempted to cut the line.
4. Being interviewed!!
5. Getting one of the only MAMM's at the sale! And a money pouch! And a Devote!
6. Hanging out with Rebecca:)
7.The yummy margaritas.
8. Meeting cool tpfers like littlerock and hannah:)
9. The great energy and vibes from the sale!