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Wednesday, April 8

A Glimpse Into My Bedroom

Well, I've been trying to take pictures just about everyday. A few days ago, I decided to take some shots of items in my bedroom.

As you can see, my bookcase is overflowing. Overflowing with chic lit that is, haha. I've been on the search for a cherry wood folding bookshelf to put in my living room for ages, to alleviate the stress on this poor bookcase here. I'm looking for the kind of bookshelf that requires no assembly and that I can just place the books on as soon as I take it out of the box.

Japanese charm that a friend gave me. In the background is my green "Spa Fund" pouch. In the foreground, a parchment of sweet compliments from the girls in my first dinner group.

Totoro was seriously one of my favorite Japanese anime characters! He lives in one of my decorative cubes.

OK, so I want to pretend that this TV (ok kitchen but adapted to be for my tv) cart has that antique look. Hell no. Actually, these scratches are from Rascal going buck wild from seeing animals on the TV. Elephants? Yes. Lions. Yes. Bears, racoons, you name it. He will start barking and scratching the cart, and this is how it received it's battle wounds. I still love it though.

Seeing my leopard print Wacoal bra peeking out of my lingerie chest just seemed so artistic and romantic. I thought to myself, I like the idea of giving a bit of a preview, LOL. JOKING. But it just seemed cute. And anyways, people unfortunately got to see a full on glimpse of my black underthings yesterday at work (wardrobe malfunction, tears), so why not show it off in an artistic manner?